Thats right, you heard it folks! After a long and dreadful winter, fine weather is upon us. So rid your winter blues for its time for spring and summer dues,   Summerhill Nursery and Floral has got what you need to start your planting season right!

The garden centre is open and ready to serve. We are stocking the usual spring and summer flowers this year. There is a large assortment of prearranged annual bowls sure to tickle your fancy. From shade planters to pots filled with our most popular colours of geraniums and begonias, Summerhill is stocked with only the finest graden products.  No need to worry about severe temperature drops (i got my fingers crossed) almost all perennial and annual plants are good to go from our store to your home.

Most of our new spring product has arrived already. Customers have been buying seeds and soils for starting transplants. We have been selling our new pots and some fountains too. Don’t wait to long though, things are getting hectic around these parts. But hey, no need to be concerned about time. Summerhill knows how busy you are. We open our doors from 10am-6pm Monday-Friday to accommodate your needs.

Things are looking mighty pleasing here at Summerhill. Aisles are stocked and the store looks great. Our loyal and hard working employees did a fabulous job of cleaning up winter’s mess and preparing our store for your shopping needs. Yearning to add an exotic touch to your home? Look no further, our tropical room is now full with all sorts of fascinating plants to easily provide presence into any home. A vast variety of nursery stock such as Japanese maples, lilacs, dogwoods and shrubs of all kind also await those who feel ready to spruce up their yards and gardens. We truly are purveyors of fine wares!

Summerhill Store Front

Located on two and a half acres in downtown Toronto we have been serving city gardeners since 1998. Summerhill is a “destination” garden centre. We offer a spectacular and complete selection of garden plants and accessories, planters, fountains, statuary, tools, soils and garden furniture uniquely merchandised to inspire and provoke gardeners and neophytes alike.  There is plenty of complimentary parking on-site and easy access via TTC. Summerhill Nursery and Floral is a terrific place to visit to energize a day of gardening.