Summerhill Nursery & Floral is Canada’s premier urban garden centre.

Christmas!  Is there a better time of the year?

If you know Summerhill you know that we present an extraordinary display of Christmas and winter related merchandise.  This year is no exception.

Over the past couple of weeks customers have been shopping our selection of evergreen boughs, twigs and glittery things for dressing planters.  It’s pretty fun to build interesting winter planters and we are often impressed by the creativity of our customers.  We are always on the hunt to find new and impressive things for you to buy for container gardening but we also offer all the reliable stuff for winter planters too.  There is still lots of aromatic pine, cedar, fir on our benches.  We are also offering a great selection of pre-made winter arrangements for a fast fix.  Many customers buy our pre-made arrangements and then take home a bit of our unusual product to customize our offering.  We also have our experienced staff on hand to help with advice or use your unique ideas to create the planter of your choice.

Christmas trees arrived last week and people are buying them.  Our most popular cut Christmas tree continues to be Fraser Fir.  Fraser Fir makes a gorgeous Christmas tree and has the added bonus of being durable and tidy indoors.  The needles on this tree remain attached even after the tree becomes dry which means you can put the tree indoors now and it will still look good on January 1st.  We sell Balsam Fir (the most aromatic of Christmas trees) and fluffy White Pine too.   If you want to buy a giant tree for a big room or commercial use we have a few big trees for sale as well as little table-top trees for small spaces.  We restock our selection of trees over the next few weeks so you can be sure you are buying a fresh tree at Summerhill.  Buy our Sta-fresh with your Christmas tree to keep your tree looking perky.

Most of the garden plants are now put away for winter but we still have a good offering of live, potted evergreens for planters or Christmas trees in our yard.  There are lots of leafy houseplants kicking around the store in case you have a spot to fill in the home before entertaining.

Got a holiday dinner party to attend? Our impressive selection of colourful fresh cut flowers from seasonal berries to eye catching amaryllis, orchids and fragrant lilies will make a splash and win the heart of any host.

We supply garlands, mantle pieces, roping, wreaths of every size.  We have staff on hand on a daily basis to customize your every need.  To preserve your greenery inside or out we supply Wilt-pruf to preserve your selection.  We treat most of our fresh-cut merchandise with Wilt-pruf to keep it happy right through the holiday period.

The indoor show-room at Summerhill is full of Christmas ornaments, poinsettias and gifts for gardeners.  The display indoors is spectacular again this year.  We ourselves are astonished and staggered by the beauty of the Summerhill show-room this year and we are old hands at this.  Come and take a look!

Summerhill Store Front

Located on two and a half acres in downtown Toronto we have been serving city gardeners since 1998. Summerhill is a “destination” garden centre. We offer a spectacular and complete selection of garden plants and accessories, planters, fountains, statuary, tools, soils and garden furniture uniquely merchandised to inspire and provoke gardeners and neophytes alike.  There is plenty of complimentary parking on-site and easy access via TTC. Summerhill Nursery and Floral is a terrific place to visit to energize a day of gardening.